5 Reasons Outdoor Training Might Be More Beneficial

Many people love their indoor gym routine, while others crave the exhilaration of exercise in the fresh air. Normally, its down to personal choice, but there’s a growing number of researchers suggesting that outdoor exercise should be our number one choice. The studies show that participants running, walking or biking outside experienced decreased stress and increased energy levels. Taking your workout in the green outdoors has a positive effect on enthusiasm, vitality and feelings of general well-being. And there are other perks too, not least the beautiful scenery and a good dose of sun and Vitamin D.

shutterstock_321158552Challenge your body

Machines, gym equipment and classes are a great part of an exercise routine, but they will always use the same muscles. The varied terrain outside will challenge your body to work in different ways. There are hills, inclines and uneven surfaces which flex your muscles in different ways and make your exercise more intense. Wind resistance and temperatures mean that your body works harder to cool down and you burn more calories. Don’t just change the treadmill for outdoor trails; you can take your favourite classes into the countryside too. Many popular routines like Yoga, Tai Chi, sparring and MMA training all benefit from fresh air and beautiful surroundings.

Relax your mind

Outdoor training increases your mental stimulation, so it’s great for the mind. It’s less boring than being in one place meaning that you can exercise for longer. Breathing fresh air and increased oxygen levels are good for you and help the body to release serotonin. Taking your exercise outside not only keeps you fit, but it also puts you in a good mood. Best of all -it’s completely free, and you can work out when you want with no timetables. Hills will build and tone muscle and green spaces offer a variety of objects to get creative with for exercise equipment. You can even feel the grass under your feet.