NFAFA organizes various events throughout the year to engage the community. Our events are informative and fun for everyone. We invite both members and non-members to come and learn with us. We have guest speakers to give us an extensive look of the problem facing our community. We promise the community to gather adequate information, interact and exchange their views and ideas. The forum has been gaining a footing over the years and now, our regular events have become an avenue for most people around to air their issues and solutions to the problems.

New Forest Access For All is a committed and vibrant charity for the people. We have plans on organizing open air meetings every year. This will not only bring the platform closer but create a reliable way of engaging with the members and non-members. Forest access is almost a basic recreational need for everyone. People with disabilities are often left out in most plans, especially by the local authorities. Our plan is to create awareness to everyone, including the authorities. In our previous meetings, we have had various solutions discussed and all the stakeholders were present.

Our open meetings have been a reason for many people to visit the New Forest Area. We discuss matters of easy access paths, reasonable time to visit the forest and the best way to safeguards visitors. People with disabilities often find it difficult while in these areas. Some cannot access the walks; others cannot help themselves through the forest. Our meetings are aimed at discussing the best solutions for the community. We collaborate with the local authorities to ensure that all policies take our views into consideration. We publicly announce our meetings and try to mobilize as many people to attend. While some disabled are working and others miss the meetings for various reasons, we ensure the outreach is as extensive as possible.