Conserving the Forest Access Areas

cave-springs-ksmith7You need to wake up and plan a hike! If you love nature, then New Forest is your best friend. You can be sure to enjoy a variety of sceneries including urban paved pathways as well as rugged terrain. If you are from urban communities, this could be a breathtaking experience. For the locals, it is yet another chance for you to enjoy your environment. The New Forest Access for All charity has been working tirelessly with the local communities and authorities to ensure conservation of the forest access areas.

The community has suffered from poor access among other vices. Forest areas need to be conserved. However, there are a number of challenges that have come our way. They include:

  • The road systems are poorly managed thus restricting the public from easily accessing the forest areas. As a charity, we are committed to seeing this go away. This has been a problem for both human and wildlife in New Forest.
  • Destruction of the natural habitat due to human practices such as oil and gas extractions. While we do this for economic empowerment, it has negatively impacted our forests.
  • Poor access to the forests due to blocked land access by private landholding. These public facilities are thus inaccessible to the public and we are struggling to fix the issue.
  • Poor forest management leading to the death of the native forage. Most areas have been affected by noxious weeds that out-compete the good plants.
  • Lack of quality habitat due to poor timber management in some areas. This means eventual destruction of the forests and thus the need for conservation.
  • Poor forest management policies over the years have led to destruction of the natural habitats.

Together we can change the situation. Community members and authorizes are being urged to work closely in conservation the New Forest. Access areas should be made easy for everyone to avoid further destructions.