Get Involved, Help Us Solve the Problem

get-involvedNew Forest Access For All acknowledges the importance inclusive community building. We are open to new ideas and any volunteers are welcomed. As a dedicated charity, we support the community at their point of need. You too can be part of the solution. You can apply to volunteer with us for a range of activities. This is one of the most satisfying way of you giving back to the society. You will not only be of great help to your community but also allows you to meet more friends, enhance your skills and explore your hobbies. This is the perfect setting for you in the modern world.

There are many opportunities for you. It depends with the time you are able to give. Regardless of the time you get to volunteer with NFAFA, we guarantee you a ton of activities for you. You can be involved in strategic management or even board of directors if you have sufficient time or be in simple activities such as collating mail shots. Either way, your time is highly valued. Those who love writing, we can engage in community awareness through tweeting and press releases. Those with the heart to help, you can directly work with those affected by various access challenges such as walking them in the forest among other ways.

We train you to empower your skills so as to be a helping person in the community. During meetings and other events organized for the members, our volunteers are directly involved in facilitating the events. New Forest Access For All is an accommodating charity. We lead with the help of the community around us. We value your ideas, time and contributions. If you think you can get some tie to support our initiatives, we truly value that. Our offices are open and ready to engage with you.