How You Can Participate to Help NFAFA

grave_otari-wilton_bushThere are many ways for the community member and interested people to help us advance the initiatives at NFAFA. The following are some of the best ways for you to participate in supporting our agenda:

  • Gift Aid – you can send donations and gifts to us as a way of your help. Your support can be in form of gifts and will be highly recognized. There is a form that you can just fill to send your gift support to us.
  • Gift in your will – we can receive your support in the form of a will. If you are a philanthropist of feel the need to give back to charity, NFAFA accepts gifts in the form of will. It is a great way to create a better future. After your family and friends have gotten their share, you can slice a little of your wealth and give it to New Forest Access For All charity. We highly appreciate legacy gifts.

Legacy gifts are often mistaken for huge gifts. Our charity does not discriminate. In fact, we value your commitment to support our agenda. If you wish to leave something for us, we will appreciate it. We promise to do everything to honor your will by making sure everyone in the community has reliable access to the forest. All you need is to get our details, discuss them with your solicitor for you to include us in your will.

  • Gifts in Memory – we appreciate your donation ‘in memory’ to the charity. We have arrangements in case you need to send some donations ‘in memory’. We have special envelopes for you to be sent to the funeral director who distributes during funerals. You are at liberty to donate as you wish.

You can donate in the memory of a loved one such as during birthday, Fathers day, Mothers day, or even Christmas. Send your donation to us and we will appreciate your support.

  • Membership – send your membership payment per year in our support and be part of the local charity.