Solving Real Problems Through Quality Access to the Forest

centralnorthjoshgriggsThere are various access problems facing the community. People with different forms of disabilities need empowerment to enjoy their time around the New Forest Area. NFAFA offers the outright information as well as advice about these problems to the locals. We engage the service providers and the business class as well as the local authorities in our bid to do effective access audits on all public spaces including forests. The New Forest District Council is a close organ that we work with. We also collaborate with the Hampshire County Council, Forestry Commission and the National Park Authority. Together, we identify and get solutions to the New Forest access problems.

What We Do To Solve the Problems

People with disability are the most affected by these access issues. We have training programs for different groups. For people who are visually impaired can be trained to access the forest with ease and safety. This instills confidence and self-reliability in the members of the community. We organize workshops to train the staff on the confidence and skills in supporting people who have visual disabilities. We engage the stakeholders through a number of social clubs like lunch club, balance classes, cookeries, computer training, and reading groups among others.

NFAFA is involved in awareness programs that encourage the authorities to build easy-to-access walk paths in the forest area. These are very important for the disabled members who visit the forest. The paths should be created with utmost concern on all forms of disabilities. The walk paths are made to the best of the standards set for people with disabilities. It is our duty to lobby for such projects. Policy makers are encouraged to take such aspects into consideration while building forest access areas. All trails are surveyed and well mapped within the New forest. Those with mobility difficulties can now rely on the maps to access the forest with ease.