Welcome to the Forest, Everyone Can Now Access

wood-nature-sunny-forestNFAFA (pronounced as nafa) – New forest Access For All – is a local, small charity that is organized and ran by a group of energetic, dedicated volunteers. It is aimed at providing the most important information on access to the New Forest Area. Registered as a charity back in 2004, the organization was set up in 1997 to help everyone to have equal access to the forest. It addresses the plights of the society, especially the disabled.

Our affiliation to the National Register of Access Consultants brings a heap of benefits to the community around. Our plan is to address these problems in a different manner. We organize for meetings to enlighten the community. However, our main target groups, people with disabilities, often miss out on these forums. Some work and other fail for a host of reasons. Ours is to encourage everyone to attend so that we can learn together.

Membership is open for anyone to join. By doing so, you will be supporting the charity so that we can have the right resources to empower the community. If you want to support our initiative, you can now keep in touch with us to check on our activities through the website and email. The more members we have, the better our influence gets. It gives us an upper hand with the local authorities. This will enable us in improving people’s lives especially those with disabilities, as well as their careers.

We organize for open activities, open meetings, create easy-going walks, and solve real problems in the society. Join NFAFA now to learn more about us and let us bring more access to the disabled people in the community!