What We Do To Help the Community

community-144653342New Forest Access For All (NFAFA) has a calendar full of participatory activities. Both group and social activities are featured in our plans. People with disabilities are at the epitome of our activities. The charity is majorly concerned with how such people in the community access forest areas. Some of the activities include sufficient training for the members and local authorities. It is in the interest of our members and the community at large to review all the plans so as to sensitize those that will be helpful for our members. Improved access to the New Forest Area is possible through policy changes and direct community participation.

Most of our members are in many local committees giving us a chance to push for the awareness agenda. The local community suffers the negatives that come with poor forest access. Our charity members work tirelessly in various committees to ensure that our activities are backed by the local authorities. We work with different groups of people and at all ages. We do not care your abilities either. We empower everyone on foresk skills through habitat management activities.

The following are some of our main activities at the New Forest Access For All:

  • Clearing ponds.
  • Rebuilding or improving Forest trails for better access.
  • Bird observation, tree identification, insect hunts, and pond dipping activities.
  • Clearing the dense Holly growth for better lighting to the Forest floor. This helps to build animal and plant life and also easy access by everyone.
  • Thinning out Sycamore and Silver Birch when they have invaded the forest. This helps to other species to grow for better forest fun visit by the community.
  • Clearing any invasive scrub at the heartland of the forest.

Our charity has been reputed for the various forest activities that we undertake. Our main aim is to ensure that member of the community enjoy an easy time while visiting the forest. Disabled people should not have complications in the forest too.