Why You Need to Conserve the Forest

pine-creek-gorge-pa-jpg-838x0_q80Forest conservation is a hot topic for various reasons. From research, deforestation and poor forest management have been a real threat to both wildlife and the human population. It is important for the local communities to work closely with the authorities in protecting this natural resource. The management policies might fail on a few areas and thus the need for our entry: New Forest Access for All charity. We are dedicated and willing to do more simple policies but work with everyone to ensure that we conserve the new Forest. There are various benefits that come with proper forest conservation. They include:

  • Better health – the human population depend on the forest in various ways. Conserving the forest induces better health due to less toxicity.
  • Conserving forest helps to balance the climate – deforestation causes serious climatic changes. NFAFA strives to ensure that the local community understands the need to keep the New Forest in it best shape for their own good.
  • Better wildlife habitat depends on the conservation efforts. The local authorities have forest management policies to ensure that the wildlife is equally protected. To best achieve this, there is need to conserve the forest.
  • Forests offer opportunities for outdoor activities. The local community needs to understand the need to keep the forest in the right shape. It offers them a chance to relax and enjoy nature with their friends and family.

Conservation measures

To keep our forests in the right shape, NFAFA has taken various conservation measures. These are aimed at involving the community, local authorities and other stakeholders. They include:

  • Training and conservation campaigns.
  • Tree planting.
  • Organizing annual events in raising awareness to the public on the need to conserve the forests.
  • Highlighting the need to make reliable access to the forest.
  • Involving the local authorities in forest management policies.
  • Having effective timer and mining regulations around the forest.